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We provide solutions to optimize the operation of your assets

tailored to your needs in strategic sectors:

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Focused on ensuring success within Reliability activities, we have highly qualified personnel, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in the following activities:

Rotating Equipment Engineering

Performance and Efficiency Studies

  • Thermodynamic performance evaluation of Gas Turbines.

  • Thermodynamic performance evaluation of Centrifugal Compressors.

  • Evaluation of the Hydraulic Performance of Pumping Systems.


Hydraulic Engineering Servicesa

  • Selection and Application of Pumping Systems.

  • Studies and Performance Analysis: Efficiency, Absorbed Power, Flow Coefficient, Pressure Coefficient, BEP Deviation.

  • Implementation of Reliability Operating Windows.

  • Audits and Evaluation Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Energy Management.


Materials and Corrosion Engineering Services

  • Selection and Application of Materials

  • Selection and Application of Coatings

  • Damage Mechanism Assessment

  • Corrosion Analysis and Control

Field and Workshop Services

  • Installation, Commissioning and commissioning.

  • Boroscopic Inspections.

  • Shaft alignment.

  • Total Quality Assurance for Major Maintenance.

  • Total Quality Control during Major Maintenance

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Ingeniería de Equipos Rotativos
monitoreo de condicion

Condition Monitoring

  • Condition Monitoring Data Analysis

  • Basic & Advanced Vibration Analysis

  • Lubricant Analysis & Tribology

  • Thermography Analysis. (Infrared Inspection)

  • Ultrasound Analysis (Airborne Inspection)



  • CBM/PdM architecture development based on Hydraulic Institute and ISO Standards

  • Advance Rotating Equipment Diagnostics used multiples CBM/NDE Techniques

  • Mechanical condition trend forecast and prognostic



  • Process and operational variables correlation analysis

  • Failure prediction with Weibull Analysis

  • PM & PdM Intervals Optimization with Bayesian Theorem

diagnstico avanzado 2.jpg

Advanced Diagnostics

  • Modal Analysis

  • Finite element analysis

  • Fluid Dynamic Analysis

  • Rotodynamic Analysis

  • Torsional Vibration Analysis

  • Pulsation Analysis

Diagnóstico Avanzado
Ingeniería de Confiabilidad

Reliability Engineering

  • Maintenance and Operation Management Audits.

  • Criticality Analysis for Maintenance Purposes.

  • Reliability / Availability / Maintainability Studies (RAM)

  • RCM: Reliability Centered Maintenance.

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA).

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

  • Balanced Management Indicators (Balanced Scorecard)

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC).

  • Comparative Studies of Technical, Operational and Strategic Management (Bechmarking).

  • Inventory management.

  • Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma.

  • Risk Based Management.

  • Integrated Risk Assessments.

  • Application of Risk-Based Methods

inge confiabilidad.png
Inteligencia Artificial
ai 2.png

Artificial intelligence

We are an Institution that practices Innovation and as part of this we have a division that offers Artificial Intelligence services focused on our key service areas, through the application of Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning (Machine Learning), leveraged on our technological infrastructure of support through the management of Big Data and IoT through Industry 4.0 guidelines.


Within our initiatives, we are part of a Research, Development and Innovation Group with our partner company SGS and the UNED university.

Through this group we have a wide portfolio of services on the subject

We appreciate your interest in the services of the MRI, for more information or would like a quote, fill out the form and we will contact you immediately

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